Remedial Massage

North Brisbane Health Centre

Why should you organise a massage with us?

The Remedial Massage Therapists at North Brisbane Health Centre are experienced and qualified in both remedial and relaxation massage. North Brisbane Health Centre offers professional remedial massage services that are covered by private health insurance.  You will also find our Nundah Remedial Massage Therapist will provide you with excellent muscle injury care.

How Regularly Should You Have a Massage?

While it definitely varies from you to the next person, here are some guidelines:

A new injury or acute condition can often be resolved within a few treatment sessions.

However, chronic conditions will often require a series of treatments to return the area to its normal function. This will usually include a number of weekly massages and will gradually be spaced out in frequency until a maintenance stage is reached.

While everyone’s needs will be a little different depending on your lifestyle, regular massage works best. Ideally, a maintenance massage should be performed on a regular basis eg 4-6 weeks.  This improves function and helps promote mobility to stop conditions from becoming problematic and painful down the track.

For advice specific ask our remedial massage therapist how often you should come to allow your body to function optimally.

What can Massage help you with?

Massage can help relieve with a number of dysfunctions such as:  Back & neck pain, headaches, chronic ongoing muscle pain, muscular sporting injuries, repetitive stress injuries & pregnancy related muscular pain to name a few.

Can you claim our massage on your Private health fund?

The remedial therapists at North Brisbane Health Centre are fully qualified, registered & accredited allowing you to claim your respective private health funds. However, you should always check with your health fund to make sure you have the correct cover before booking an appointment.


Still not sure which Massage treatment is right for your needs? Then just give North Brisbane Health Centre a call today on 3256 6156 to arrange an appointment.